Black Eyes, Like A Doll’s Eyes... On A Surfboard

Say what? Surfers are adding eyes to the bottom of their surfboards in a bid to ‘stare out’ sharks.

Sharks are ambush predators and like the element of surprise, take away that and the theory is that the sharks will be deterred from attacking, having been ‘spotted’.

Australian surfer Shanan Worrall founded Shark Eyes in 2017 after he was involved in three great white sharks attacks, and lost a friend to one.

The idea behind the eyes is about emulating Mother Nature, lots of animals have eye-shaped markings to ward off would-be predators.


The eyes may be on the surfboard but that still doesn’t mean you should take your eyes of that shark, such a deterrent can never be regarded as a fail-safe from shark attack.

Anything that reduces the possibility of attack by a shark - it’s often said that surfers are mistaken for seals - has to be a good thing, what do you think of this eye-dea?

By Dean Newman 

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