First Look: 47 Meters Down Uncaged

The subtitle for this watery sequel to the 2017 hit is uncaged, so whilst last time we spent most of the movie in an –exciting and thrilling – extended Matt Hooper cage scene from Jaws – sort of – and that isn’t a bad thing, this time the sequel goes subterranean.

With caves, treasure and an annoyed great white it looks set to be a cross between Jaws, The Deep (another successful Peter Benchley novel that got adapted into a film with Robert Shaw) and The Descent as we head under tunnels from this latest assault from a terror from the deep. Sounds good from where we are sitting.

There is no Shaw along for the ride – in the first film it was Matthew Modine (who I always thought would make a fine Chief Brody) – instead here we get John Corbett from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Sex in the City (insert your My Big Fat Great White Shark and Sharks in the City jokes here).

We also have Sylvester Stallone’s daughter – Sistine Rose – and Jamie Foxx’s daughter - Corrine – making their big screen debuts. But, we know it is never about who is in these films as the star of the show is the shark and it’s all down to how good their acting is, well, how well they are realised.

It also looks like it will have claustrophobia in abundance and have us holding our breathes as the main characters – no doubt – start to run out of air and options for survival. Behind the camera once again is Johannes Roberts, who also helmed the first installment – he also co-wrote both parts as well.

It’s certainly nice to have that upward trend continuing of a more realistic – good quality shark – after numerous Sharknados or MegaSharks – and a return to raising our fears in the water with the likes of the previous film in this series, The Meg and The Shallows. The summer of the cinematic shark is back on August 16th in the US.

Tell us what you think about the trailer about this new killer shark on the block.