Selfies More Deadly Than Sharks

Of late there seems to have been a spike in fatal shark attacks, the latest being a 21 year old student attacked by three sharks whilst snorkelling in the Bahamas.

However, it has been revealed that taking a selfie is more deadly than attack by shark.

According to figures from the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, between October 2011 and November 2017, 259 people around the world died while taking selfies, with 50 people killed in shark attacks during the same time period. 

That’s an astonishing five times more likely. These deaths are around three quarters male and are often the result of drowning, falling or crashing during the taking of the ‘perfect picture’.

India came top in the selfie death stakes, with a 159, followed by Russia with 16 and the US with 14. The message is loud and clear, if you are taking a selfie be careful before you smile, you son of a bitch.


Words by Dean Newman 

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