Universal Love Letter To Jaws

We’ve over 65,000 followers across the (rotating Universal) globe, so know that Jaws is more popular than it has ever been.

It’s nice to see Universal recognise the bonafide classic by releasing a short video of some of the film’s greatest moments (that’s the whole film then) with the blurb - "Summer is here, but if you've seen Jaws you might think twice about hitting the beach. Jaws is remembered as one of the scariest movies of all time—watch this video to find out why!"

With the release of Jaws Funko Pops, a new Jaws game by Ravensburger and the announcement of a new play about the making of the film ‘The Shark Is Broken’ by the son of Robert Shaw, it’s been quite a year for the Steven Spielberg classic blockbuster. READ: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Shelf

It’s something still synonymous with Universal Studios - in fact I’d argue it’s as much a Universal monster as Dracula or Frankenstein is - and still continues to deliver thrills and chills to old and new audiences alike.

Obviously we’d have preferred the Jaws ride to have stopped at Universal In Orlando, but he’s still very much part of the tour at Universal Studios Hollywood and the Jaws Rise is still working in Japan.

With ever increasing sightings of Jaws swimming back into big screen showings during the summer - in some places it’s becoming something of a tradition.

Jaws may be getting a bit long in the serrated teeth, but even after 44 years It still has the power to bring in the summer dollars for Universal on the big screen.

Words by Dean Newman 

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