Half Assed Astronaut Finally Heads To Space

In his latest film Astronaut, Richard Dreyfuss plays Angus, a lonely widower, who has his long-extinguished dream to become an astronaut reignited when a national competition is announced. The prize? A one ticket for a trip to space! Way over the age-limit, Angus alters his birthdate so he can enter the competition. Against all the odds, but with help coming from his dysfunctional family, he must battle against preconceptions, ill health and time, to win the ticket and take the trip of his dreams.

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How about: Of course, Richard Dreyfuss - who also hitched a spaceship ride in Close Encounters - isn’t the only Jaws actor to swap a sea of water for a sea of stars, as Roy Scheider was the main star in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

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Edinburgh seems quite the Mecca for Jaws related events this summer as the Edinburgh Festival is also playing host to The Shark Is Broken, a play recreating the making process of Jaws, with Robert Shaw’s son Ian playing his famous dad - read our interview with Ian Shaw

Words by Dean Newman

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