Unseen Jaws Posters Sell For Thousands At Auction

Over the weekend an auction house sold these seven never before publicly seen alternate poster concepts for JAWS! They sold for a staggering $3,750.00 ($535 each). These are a real find and something not even the the most die-hard Jaws fans have seen them before! It is likely a studio artist drew these to give Universal different options when marketing the movie back in 1975.


Here is what the description read for the auction:

"Universal, c.1975. An extremely rare set of (7) printed poster concepts for "Jaws". As one of the most recognizable poster images of all time, the final "Jaws" poster by Roger Kastel has become a cinematic and pop culture icon. These alternative poster concepts represent an incredible, seldom seen look at the development artwork of this classic film. These glossy prints are hand-lettered in ink along the margins as A-E, with an additional b-1 and another image that is unmarked. Throughout the images, different font choices and imagery of the shark are used. The prints measure 11.25"x14" each and the set is in overall good condition with some surface wear and spots small spots of yellowing from use and age"


The original Jaws poster is one of the most iconic, influential and terrifying images ever put on canvas - and it is missing!  The poster's artist Roger Kastel has been trying to find his original work for a few years and we desperately want to help Roger to be reunited with his masterpiece. There have been many stories as to where the artwork may be but no success yet. Could you know where this masterpiece is? Help us Find Jaws