From Russia With Jaws

Visiting football fans should probably rule out a celebratory dip in the ocean when in Russia for the World Cup, if this next tale is anything to go by...

When you think of shark attacks, you probably think of the US, Australia or South Africa, but back in 2011 a series of brutal shark attacks hit the Eastern coast of Russia, in the Sea of Japan.

In a story that could have been taken from Jaws, it was the first time shark attacks had been recorded in that area of Russia, all of which makes it sound almost like a Russian version of Amity Island.

Just like in Jaws the local beaches known for their beauty were closed, but not before two attacks on consecutive days. There was no Mayor Vaughnski to keep them open.

It’s first victim - a 25 year old computer programmer - certainly won’t forget it as he reportedly had both his arms ripped clean off below the elbow whilst protecting his wife from attack.

The second person to be attacked, aged just 16, sustained a considerable leg injury. The species? Some have said Great White, whilst others have mooted Hammerhead. Either way, a dorsal fin belonging to a four foot long shark breaking the surface needs no translation.

The sudden emergence of sharks otherwise not heard of in this area has been attributed to climate change, the warmer seas attracting just the type of food associated with the sharks named as the possible attackers.

A local official, speaking off the record, said the authorities would try to catch the shark, but experts said emergencies services appeared to have been caught off guard and had neither the experience nor the equipment required.

And the bounty placed on the shark’s head, $3,000 naturally - although it is unclear if this was in cash or cheque.

The fate of the victims and whether any local sharks were captured is unknown.

Here’s a sensationalist over the top news item from the time

By Dean Newman 

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