The Bark Is Broken

The Daily Jaws doesn’t have an official mascot, but if it did then it would probably be this handsome chap.

Meet Brody the chocolate Labrador, he’s the latest addition to our chief writer’s family (he hastens to add that Brody was his wife’s idea for a name. Obviously a sweetener. Obviously worked.)

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Who couldn’t love this gorgeous face though, especially as he does such a mean impression of his Jaws namesake whilst chumming.

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Sadly, our chief writer had to say goodbye to their previous dog, a beloved jack russell, Missy - a rescue dog that lived to the age of 16 - not a bad record for this vicinity, but still hurt like hell saying goodbye.

Prior to saying goodbye, the pair spent their last couple of hours - two hours and four minutes to be precise - watching Jaws. Even Missy’s pointy ears made a pretty good Bruce. So, perhaps it was all meant to be - the Jaws baton passes from one dog to the next.

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And when it comes to dogs, Jaws has something of a pedigree. You’ve got Pippet - it’s not often a filmmaker kills a dog - and Steven Spielberg’s own dog - Elmer - plays the part of Brody’s pooch.

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Steven Spielberg’s dog Elmer making a guest appearance in JAWS

Steven Spielberg’s dog Elmer making a guest appearance in JAWS

No doubt there of plenty of you with dogs, cats, even fish, that owe their name to the classic film Jaws. We’d love to meet your Jaws inspired pets.

Heel to the Chief? We’ll see.

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By Dean Newman 

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