The Ultimate Jaws Viewing Experience

Nothing compares to seeing Jaws on the big screen, right? Well, apart from seeing it on a big screen with a live orchestra - like we did at The Royal Albert Hall and in Southend-on-Sea - right?


Almost. But, what about seeing it on the big screen, with a live orchestra on ‘Amity Island’? That’s right Jaws is coming to Martha’s Vineyard, the filming location of the Steven Spielberg classic.

The 1975 shark thriller is appearing as part of the opening day’s events in the inaugural Beach Road Weekend, which takes place at Veterans Memorial Park from August 9-11.

The Oscar-winning John Williams score will be brought to life by the Cape Symphony and played in sync with the film.

If anyone was ever in any doubt about what the score added to the film, we can see what difference it makes to Jaws - with and without music.

When conductor Ben Palmer brought Jaws with a live orchestra to Southend, as part of its UK tour, we were lucky enough to interview him about bringing the Williams score to life.

Words by Dean Newman 

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