JAWS 2018

2018 was a great year for Jaws!

Junkyard Jaws found a new home and the Catalina Island Museum hosted an exceptional exhibition, Jaws: The Art Of Fear In Filmmaking.

2018 also saw big birthdays for Jaws 2 and Jaws 3D celebrating their 40th and 35th birthdays respectively. We also marked the 10th anniversary of Roy Scheider’s passing with a Book Of Roymembrance.

The Daily Jaws has had a great year too! We grew to over 50,000 followers, making us the largest cross-platform online Jaws community on the planet! We also had the honor of hosting Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb in his first ever live Instagram interview, and we got to meet actress Susan Backlinie (Chrissie Watkins) when she visited the UK!


In the run up to Jawsmas, The Daily Jaws ran ‘Jawsvent’ where each day we ran polls, revisited some of our favourite posts from 2018 and held some jawsome giveaways. Below is the full list of Jawsvent giveaway winners!

JAWSVENT GIVEAWAY DAY 3 WINNERS (Prize: A4 Workbook): Gareth Ryan aka @gj79 (Instagram), Katie Mc (Facebook) and Henry Cavill’s Mustache aka @DGinLBC (Twitter)

JAWSVENT GIVEAWAY DAY 8 WINNERS (Prize: Bruce Comic Book): Mark Schriefer aka @diabeticace (Instagram), Gillian Gray (Facebook) and Boo @Alison69434040 (Twitter)

JAWSVENT GIVEAWAY DAY 17 WINNERS (Prize: Jaws Boxer Shorts): Echo Location @egekko (Instagram), Bradley Wheeler (Facebook) & DH @PLAMom (Twitter)

JAWSVENT GIVEAWAY DAY 21 WINNER (Prize, Jaws Beach Towel): @toddh10977 (Instagram)

JAWSVENT GIVEAWAY DAY 23 WINNER (Prize: Jaws Bluray): @Colliefullife (Twitter)

If you are a lucky winner, you can DM us via the relevant social channel or email us at mail@thedailyjaws.com to let us know your shipping details and we’ll get your prize to you asap!

The Quint’s Speech

Rounding off 2018, Quint delivered an alternative Christmas message - see below!