Jaws The Board Game: Unboxing

Jaws the game, by Ravensburger, doesn’t hit shelves until June 23 in the US (whaaaaaat, the UK has to wait until September) but - thanks to Ravensburger - The Daily Jaws has managed to catch and play the game about a large predator that supposedly injured some bathers.

As die hard Jaws fans we’ve been dying to get into this advance copy of the game, Hooper was given one as well and was going to play it underwater - turns out something spooked him and he dropped it. Butter fingers! Looks like his review won’t be going into the National Gameographic then.

We know that you get to play as Hooper, Brody, Quint or even as the shark and that the first section of the game takes place on Amity Island and that the second half is onboard the Orca. Just like the film. Genius.

Even from the packaging you can tell that there has been serious love and attention to detail to this release, which continued inside as we delved through the contents of the box.

Thanks again to Ravensburger for sending us the Jaws game and special mention also goes to Last Exit to Nowhere, who helped make sure we were suitably attired for the unboxing. We previously wrote about their Jaws t-shirts here: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Step Back Into The Wardrobe

Now, like the beaches at Amity Island, the game is opening, so join us as we take our very first peek at the new Jaws game during its unboxing...

In our next video we actually get to play the game: WATCH FULL PLAYTHROUGH

So how can you can your hands (city or otherwise) on this game? BUY HERE