Top 10 Jaws Christmas Presents


The holiday season is only a few weeks away and the question we are sure that is on everyone's mind is WHAT DO YOU BUY A JAWS FANATIC?!

Well, The Daily Jaws has searched the internet to find some of the best JAWS gifts out there. Our 'Top 10' is a mixture of essential collector's gifts, cheeky gems and great stocking fillers. Click on the links below to learn more about the products themselves.

Happy holidays!

1. The Jaws Log

The absolute essential for any Jaws fan. As a kid, I remember being desperate to learn all I could about the making of Jaws. I read and re-read this book until my copy was worn out! The Jaws Log is written by Carl Gottlieb, the movie's screen writer, and is packed full of first hand accounts of the troubled production and behind the scene photos. Simply amazing.


2. Jaws: Memories Of Martha's Vineyard

I never thought another book about Jaws could accompany The Jaws Log. How wrong I was! Jaws: Memories From Martha's Vineyard captures the impact Jaws had on the film industry and the Vineyard's residents during the 159 day shoot. Packed full of never before seen photos and stories, author Matt Taylor has achieved something very special.



3. Funko ReAction 8 inch Collectible Shark

Released in 2015 (Jaws' 40th birthday), Funko paid tribute by creating a special collector's edition of ReAction figures. You can get Bruce - it even includes the oxygen tank that ultimately brought down the great beast! The whole gang of Brody, Quint and Hooper are available.


4. SmartEra® 3D Shark LED Desk Light

How cool is this? A 3D shark shaped lamp! As it's LED, it changes colour. You can connect it to your home power socket with a adapter or computer USB port. Using only a 4mm thin piece of wireframe designed acrylic you'll be amazed at the visual 3D effect. A great addition to any Jaws fan's bedroom, living room or even office.

5. Santa Jaws T’Shirt

Look who's coming to town... SANTA JAWS! Professionally printed super soft funny and awesome tees. Our vintage lightweight fitted tees are made from ultra soft ringspun cotton to get that comfortable fit and feel. Once you put this shirt on, you won't want to take it off.

6. Jaws Shark Minimalist Film Silhouette - Wall Clock

What time is it? JAWS O'Clock! The clock is made of black acrylic 3mm thick or PLY Oak Wood 0.16" - 4 mm ❂ Clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep (Non Ticking - Silent) and RoHS Approved! ❂ Requires 1 AA battery (not included).

7. Jaws Pillow

Fintastic, quality 'cuddly' soft toy shark. Large plush Great White Shark with detail including: first & second dorsal fin, caudal fin, pelvic and pectoral fins.Great fun toy for budding marine biologists and all those fascinated by these awesome ocean creatures.

8. Steven Spielberg Director's Collection [Blu-ray]

Nothing good on TV over the holidays? No problem! Immerse yourself in the works of the director of Jaws, Steven Spielberg with this amazing blu-ray box set! Box set includes 8 masterpieces... Duel, The Sugarland Express, Jaws
1941, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Always, Jurassic Park &
The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

9. Jaws 2: The Making of a Hollywood Sequel

Jaws 2 is one of the all time great sequels. More shark and more Chief Brody kicking more shark butt. But like a dark cloud, the making of the movie was troubled. Constant script re-writes, broken down sharks, unhappy residents and even a fight between the film's star and it's director! It all happened on Martha's Vineyard back in 1978.  

10. Factory Entertainment Jaws Orca Attack Scene Motion Statue

“This shark, swallow you whole!" This Limited Edition Premium Motion format statue is designed to match the infamous ‘Orca Attack’ scene. Crafted from heavyweight polyresin and hand painted the integrated, non-electronic motion feature brings the piece to life and creates the illusion of the shark lunging toward the Orca. Each statue comes packaged in a full colour presentation box.