Jaws and Order

This may not have been a boating accident, coral reef or boat propeller...unfortunately it turns out it was Provincetown’s own wannabe Jack The Ripper... With renewed global interest in the case and advances in forensics one can only hope that this is one Martha’s Vineyard mystery that won’t remain unsolved. However, we don’t seem to have anything more than circumstantial evidence of the ‘Lady of the Dunes’ fitting the description of a female extra forever frozen in time in Jaws.

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From Jaws Fan to Shark Biologist

I was 5 the first time I saw Jaws and instead of being terrified I was fascinated. I'll never forget the first time I saw Hooper roll into Amity to look at the body and announce the bite radius was no dogfish or the famous necropsy on the dock. I knew that was who I wanted to be. Whenever we would take a family vacation to Universal studios Hollywood I remember riding the back lot tour and just in awe every time we'd go through the lake and that robotic shark would show. I was on cloud nine.          

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Shark Facts

So, being Shark Week - and our very own Bruce Week - we wanted to help celebrate sharks and Jaws by creating The Daily Jaws version of shark facts.

The originals are below but we want to hear your greatest or favourite shark fact, something that helps recognise how wonderful this species - many of them endangered - is.

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From Russia With Jaws

Visiting football fans should probably rule out a celebratory dip in the ocean when in Russia for the World Cup, if this next tale is anything to go by...

When you think of shark attacks, you probably think of the US, Australia or South Africa, but back in 2011 a series of brutal shark attacks hit the Eastern coast of Russia, in the Sea of Japan.

In a story that could have been taken from Jaws, it was the first time shark attacks had been recorded in that area of Russia, all of which makes it sound almost like a Russian version of Amity Island.

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Sure, every film has its fans but it has always seemed that - unfairly - Jaws and its fan base has played second fiddle to the likes of Star Wars. (Great film, but it isn't Jaws).

So, in true Matt Hooper style, what behavioural traits should you be looking for to be diagnosed as a true Jaws fan? Jaws fan and Chief The Daily Jaws scribe, Dean Newman, investigates.

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Fin-tasy football league: The Amity Island 11

It may be the World Cup but we at The Daily Jaws Towers are too busy celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jaws 2, 35th of Jaws 3D and 43rd birthday of the original Jaws to get involved in all of that. Football, my ass! (Or soccer if you are from the states). We realise that footy and the World Cup is a big deal for lots of people - y’know a bit like Jaws is for us - so wanted in on some of that football action.

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Interview: Carl Gottlieb (Jaws 43rd Anniversary)

On June 20th 2018, The Daily Jaws was honored to host a world first... a live interview with legendary Jaws actor & screenwriter Carl Gottlieb. Carl joined us 43 years to the day Jaws was released and we invited you to submit questions for Carl. For an hour Carl discussed writing Jaws, working with Scheider, Shaw, Dreyfuss and Spielberg, his fondest memories of shooting Jaws and we even had a surprise visitor!

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40 Years Of Jaws 2

Jaws 2 isn’t Jaws, I get it, but it deserves more love than it gets - although there seems to be a fair bit of it from The Daily Jaws followers. As sequels go it can’t really be categorised as a case of diminishing returns and whilst not mentioned in the same breath as Aliens and The Godfather Part 2 in fine sequel conversations it’s certainly better than the muddled The Exorcist 2, the teenage-themed Damian: Omen II, Halloween 2 and Plain dull Poltergeist 2. The originals of which were standout in their genres.

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Jaws In Concert: Interview With Conductor Ben Palmer

Prior to Jaws in Concert in Southend-on-Sea, our Chief Writer, Dean Newman, had an exclusive The Daily Jaws interview with him giving a fascinating insight into bringing the music to Jaws and other Spielberg classics to life, chatting about everything from the live film conducting experience to his favourite death in Jaws.

Answer that last question and you could be in with a chance of winning a mini-Jaws in Concert poster signed by Ben.

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Jaws With....

Every so often Hollywood will make a hit film that will have such a cultural impact that it will radiate a slew of lesser quality cash ins and knock offs. We had years of it post Die Hard with Die Hard on a bus, plane, ship, train etc.

The same thing happened with Jaws as Hollywood discovered that nature just kept on fighting back...mostly badly. Even the posters, covering everything from Tentacles to Blood Beach feature a scantily clad young woman in distress (and little else) about to be enveloped by the corresponding film’s creature.

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House Shark Needs You!

I found myself thinking of new plays on not only “Jaws” but even other “Jaws” knock offs that came out shortly after it and in the years that followed, movies like “Grizzly”, “Piranha”, “Alligator”, “Blades” and so forth.  But the main focus was “Jaws”, and I thought of ways to pay homage to all the great moments and characters in that movie, big and small.  Some are obvious, well know and quoted often, but others would only be caught by the hardcore “Jaws” fan.

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